Safi Research Institute

Safi is developed in Safi Research Institute, the World’s First Halal Research Facilities. Scientists in Safi Research Institute interact with Indonesian Muslim women to understand their needs of skincare products that are Halal, Natural, and Tested.


One Stop Information Center for All Safi Enthusiasts. Designed to give costumers all the Information they need about Safi. User Friendly.

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Safi Social Media

Social Media

The face of the brand: Bridging Safi and Costumers. Informative Content to build trust with customers while Highlighting the USP to differentiate Safi with the existing Brands.

Safi Skin Analyze Application

Skin Analyze Application

Highly Technological Apps to help customers to understand their skin in just 1 Selfie. Giving information related to skin problems and how to overcome it.

Safi KOL


The power of Words of Mouth. Focusing on the Efficacy of the products, collaborating with KOL in raising awareness about Safi Products.

Safi Result


Successfully enter Indonesian Market in a year. Being one of the noisiest brands that are launched in 2018.


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The penetration of the awareness of Safi in Indonesia


Difference with main competitor in terms of Sales in GT

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